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  • High Efficient Environmental Test Chamber 2 M Long UV Dryer Machine For Sheet Glass

    Product Introduction

    UV is the ultraviolet (Ultra-VioletRay) English abbreviation. Industrial UV wavelength to 200nm to 450nm for its scope of application. With uv to "UV irradiation can be hardened material" and make it hardening process, called "UVCuring Process ".

    UV UV light curing machine widely used Drying function: wood, plywood, furniture, steel, building materials, lenses, leather, etc. Use UV coating micro-speakers | electro-acoustic industry | speaker speakers, receiver, headphones, earplugs, optoelectronics, microelectronics Adhesive | IC Protection Seal | Integrated Circuit Chip | Glass Plate | Wire Adhesive | Die Seal | Electronic Material Assembly | UV Curing Adhesive | Surface Coating | and Envelope Material | Optical Adhesive | Adhesive | UV light curing.

    1.Electric control panel with 1.2mm cold plate folded into a group of welding, after rust treatment, spray computer ash paint.
    2. The outer shell of the hood is made of 1.2mm cold-rolled plate folded into the group, after the anti-rust treatment, spray the computer gray paint.
    3. Shade with UV lamp special aluminum extrusion profile.
    4. Exhaust ventilation. Fan exports to the outdoor pipeline users.
    5. Lamp normal use to ensure that no less than 1000 hours.

    6. Set current display, over-temperature protection and other functions.

    Light source section

    Using 2 sets of 3KW imported UV light source. With Japan original lamp, before and after evenly distributed in the furnace (with booster transformer, reflector, lamp, capacitor), the installation of UV mirror reflector, greatly improve the utilization rate of ultraviolet light up to 95%. Each group of UV lamp can be individually controlled, can be adjusted up and down, the top of the lid are equipped with adjustable UV lamp up and down the height of the handle for different specifications of flat products UV light solid. The same time as the above.

    Ventilation section
    With a large amount of wind with a large amount of centrifugal exhaust fan 1 0.75KW, effectively reduce the temperature of the product and UV furnace so that the working surface dynamic temperature ≤ 80 degrees, improve lamp life.

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