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  • SL-UV-1140 Ultraviolet Aging Testing Chamber

    SL-UV-1140 Ultraviolet Aging Testing Chamber

    SL-UV-1140 Ultraviolet Aging Testing Chamber

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  • 1. Equipment Description

    This test equipment is designed to simulate the sunlight and cause the damage of the sun's ultraviolet light, by exposing the material under a controlled high temperature to test the material for weathering. It uses UV lamps to simulate the radiation effect of sunlight and simulates dew and rain through condensation and water spray. In just a few days or weeks, the UV irradiation equipment can reproduce the damage that takes months or even years to occur outdoors, including fading, color change, loss of gloss, chalking, cracking, crazing, wrinkling, blistering, brittleness, strength reduction, oxidation, etc. The test results can be used to select new materials, improve existing materials, or evaluate changes in material formulations.


    2. Product introduction    

    2.1 Product Name:  Ultraviolet Aging Testing Chamber

    2.2 Product style:   SL-UV-1140

    2.3 Sample Restrictions

    This test equipment prohibits:

    Test and storage of flammable, explosive, volatile substances specimens

    Testing and storage of corrosive substances

    Testing or storage of biological specimens

    Testing and storage of specimens of strong electromagnetic emission sources


    3. Technical specifications

    3.1  Volum and size

    Studio sizemm):1130×550×400D*W*H

    Packing size aroundmm):1340×1250×1560 D*W*H

    3.2 The irradiance control system

    Irradiation enabled when using UVA-340 lamps (UVA-340)

    UVA-340 irradiance range: 0.45 ~ 2W/m2 adjustable

    Extend the life of the lamp

    3.3 UV lamp parameters

    Lamp type: standard UVA-340 (315-400nm) with 8 lamps

    Lamp center distance: 70mm

    The distance between the center of the test article and the lamp: 50±3mm

    Irradiation intensity: according to the set light intensity output

    3.4 Temperature and humidity indicators

    Temperature range: room temperature +1070℃ adjustable

    Humidity range≥95%RH

    Temperature fluctuation: ±3℃

    Temperature resolution: 0.1℃

    3.5 Blackboard thermometer

    Measuring range: 4570℃

    Tolerance: ±3℃

    3.6 Temperature control mode

    PID self-tuning temperature control mode

    3.7 Technical Feature

    Comprehensive and detailed real-time monitoring and curve recording can be provided for irradiance, temperature, time and other important test parameters (controller with paperless recorder function), and reports and curve printing can be generated through the computer.

    Irradiation/condensation/water spray test can be carried out separately, and any combination of irradiation/condensation/water spray test can be programmed.

    Adopting a 5.7 inch true color touch screen control system of Korea Sanyuan level, it has good stability, monitoring, operation, and maintenance. 

    Provide life reference for imported UV lamps with expensive materials (the lamps are consumables with a life span of about 1600 hours), so that users can easily confirm the replacement time of the lamps and save the cost of use. Through irradiance measurement and control device (by adjusting the voltage), irradiance can be measured and controlled, so that the irradiance is automatically stabilized at the set value, and the service life of the lamp is greatly extended.

    Automated water supply and drainage design with high cost and high power water mercury to ensure the flow rate and uniformity of water spraying. 

    Most of the main components are made of international brands, and a small part is made of Chinese brands, which improves the safety and reliability of the products. (For details, please refer to the attached main parts list.)

    The installation and wiring of the electrical part of the equipment is carried out in accordance with international electrical standards. 

    Perfect professional after-sales service

    3.8 Conform to the standard

    GB/T14552-2008 "National Standard of the People's Republic of China - Plastic, coating and rubber materials for mechanical industrial products - Accelerated test method for artificial climate" a. Fluorescent UV/condensation test method.

    GB/T16422.3-1997 GB/T16585-96 Related analytical methods.

    GB/T16585-1996 National Standard of the People's Republic of China-Vulcanized Rubber Artificial Climate Aging (Fluorescent UV Lamp) Test Method.

    GB/T16422.3-1997 "Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method" and other corresponding standard clauses design and manufacturing standards.

    Comply with international test standards: ASTM D4329, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, SAE J2020 and other current UV aging test standards.

    Other kinds of standards are not exhaustively listed, if necessary, please confirm with our technical department.


    4. Functional Area Introduction

    4.1 Irradiation system (simulated sunlight)


    Light source:

    8 rated at 40W UV fluorescent lamps with UVA-340 light source

    Irradiance control systems

    Variations in light intensity affect the rate of material aging, and differences in spectra may affect both the rate and type of aging. The irradiance is controlled by a current system to obtain accurate, repeatable test results.

    The built-in voltage system is a precise closed-loop control system that automatically maintains the set light intensity through a feedback loop. The controller can continuously monitor the UV light intensity and compensate for changes in light intensity caused by lamp aging or any other factors by adjusting the lamp output. The reproducibility and repeatability of the test results of the control system are better than manual irradiance control, and can effectively extend the life of the lamp.

    In the UV cycle, the irradiance is signaled through the controller output, and the light intensity of a group of (two) lamps is adjusted by voltage and transmits the data to the controller. The controller compares the irradiance measurement with the set value, and then the controller instructs the power system to adjust the lamp output to maintain the light intensity set value.

    UVA-340: A wavelength that emits sunlight from 315nm to 400nm, its peak radiation is at 340nm. UVA-340 is particularly useful for control testing of different experiments, and can best simulate sunlight in the short-wave UV band.

    UV circulation temperature control

    The components of the UV cycle system include a blower, air heater, air distribution system, and blackboard temperature sensor.

    a. Blower: Installed in the lower box air duct opening of the equipment, the blower is working continuously throughout the UV cycle.

    b. Air heater: installed in the upper air duct of the blower, used to heat the air blown by the blower when needed.

    c. Air distribution system: the air blown by the blower enters the test chamber through the air duct in the center of the water tray, and then the air will be guided to fill the entire test chamber.

    4.2 Condensation system (simulated dew)

    QUV condensation system is to make the water vapor being evaporated and confined within the experimental sample of the chamber, the air at the back of the sample makes the sample temperature water vapor temperature a little bit lower, this temperature difference makes the water vapor condense on the sample. During the condensation cycle, the heating element under the water tray heated to fill the chamber with water vapor, reaching equilibrium at 100% humidity, the water vapor condenses on the sample constantly. The steam condenses on the sample and finally flows back into the water pan.

    4.3 Spraying system (simulated rainwater)

    QUV spraying system consists of a high-powered water pump, nozzles, connecting pipes, control valves, and drainage parts. The nozzle is installed between the lamps, in the spraying cycle, water is sprayed onto the sample to produce the effect of thermal shock or erosion.

    4.4 The box structure characteristics

    Box using full digital control work, advanced technology, smooth lines, beautiful and generous.

    The whole box material is a SUS304 senior stainless steel plate.

    The panel sample shelf consists of a senior aluminum plate and simple and convenient installation and removal.

    4.5 Control panel: (specific buttons and indicators depending on the actual configuration)

    TIMI880 5.7 inch programmable display

    RS232 communication port

    Operation buttons

    Alarm indicator

    Irradiation accumulator

    4.6 Test chamber

    UV lamp, blackboard temperature sensor.

    Heating, humidifying device

    Into the drainage, spraying device

    4.7 Mechanical chamber

    Inlet and drainage devices

    Shower water circuit

    Condensate circuit

    Blower, air heater

    Alarm devices

    4.8 Power distribution control cabinet

    Power distribution board, total power circuit breaker, radiator fan, etc.

    4.9 Heater.

    Heater material: stainless steel 304 fins heat dissipation electric heating tube

    Heater control mode: non-contact iso-periodic pulse width adjustment, SSR (solid state relay)

    4.10 Humidifier.

    Humidification method: shallow water basin heating

    Humidifier material: stainless steel armored

    Humidifier control method: non-contact iso-periodic pulse width adjustment, SSR (solid state relay)

    Humidifier device: water level control device, heater anti-dry burning device

    4.11 Electrical control system

    Controller (model): South Korea TIMI880 programmable touch screen controller

    Display: 5.7-inch true color touch screen

    Operation mode: program mode, fixed value mode

    Setting mode: Chinese menu, touch screen mode input:

    1) True color 5.7-inch intelligent touch screen full-angle clear visibility.

    2) Fuzzy operation and PID automatic calculation function to control the accuracy of temperature more precisely.

    3) 2-channel PT100 input (display condensing temperature, condensing humidity, or blackboard temperature)

    4) 8-way DI abnormal input to fully monitor the operating status of the salt spray chamber.

    5) With a reservation function, able to set the automatic running time of the machine.

    6) With standby function (control spray action conditions) to accurately control the effective time of the test.

    7) Two types of control (fixed value/program).

    8) Sensor type: PT100 sensor (optional electronic sensor); 8-way switch signal auxiliary input.

    9) Temperature, saturation temperature measurement range (-90 ℃ - 200 ℃, error ± 0.2 ℃).

    10) Program editing: 120 groups of programs can be programmed, each group of programs up to 100 segments.

    11) The communication interface (RS232).


    5. List of main accessories



    Origin and Brand


    True color touch screen controller

    Korea TIMI880


    UV lamp UVA (Standard)



    UV lamp UVB (Optional)



    AC Contactors

    China Zhengtai



    Japen OMRON


    Over-temperature protection

    Korea RAINBOW


    Solid State Relays SSR

    China MAGER


    Temperature Sensor

    Taiwan Xuanrong


    Earth leakage switch

    China Zhengtai


    Circulation fans

    Taiwan SUNON



    Taiwan Longxin


    Spraying water pump

    Guangdong Lingxiao Pump Industrial CO.,Ltd


    6. Safety protection devices

    Fan duct over-temperature protection

    Shallow water pan heating tube anti-dry burn protection

    Tank water shortage alarm protection

    Water tank water circuit failure alarm protection

    Short circuit protection, overcurrent protection


    7. Conditions of use (the following conditions are guaranteed by the user)

    7.1 Site

    Level ground, good ventilation, no flammable, explosive, corrosive gases, and high concentration of dust

    No strong electromagnetic radiation sources nearby

    No direct sunlight or other heat sources of direct radiation

    The equipment is equipped with a water supply and drainage devices nearby

    Site ground area and load-bearing capacity: not less than 234×353cm and 500kg/m2

    Adequate maintenance space around the equipment

    7.2 Environmental conditions

    Temperature: 5℃ to 32℃, it is best to install in a room with air conditioning. This can keep the room temperature at 21℃ to 27℃ .

    Relative humidity: ≤ 85%RH

    Barometric pressure: 86106kpa

    7.3  Electricity requirements

    Power: 3.5KW, voltage 220V±10%, single-phase three-wire system, 50/60Hz


    8. Quality Assurance System:

    Quality assurance system: Our company strictly follows the requirements of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and European CE product certification.

    Quality screening: Our company has professional temperature and humidity test chamber, mechanical vibration table, imported temperature and irradiance calibrator and other equipment for the purchase of components of high and low temperature, humidity, vibration and other inspection; in the production process, each process for self-inspection, mutual inspection and then by the quality department inspection before flowing into the next process; products before leaving the factory by the imported temperature and irradiance calibrator The products are strictly checked and calibrated by imported temperature and irradiance calibrators before they leave the factory.




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