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  • Salt Spray Test Machine

    Salt Spray Test Machine

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  • Salt Spray Test Machine

    Product Introduction

    Salt spray test machine is for a variety of materials surface treatment, including coatings, electroplating, organic and inorganic film, anode treatment, anti-rust oil and other anti-corrosion treatment to test its corrosion resistance, thus establishing the quality of the product.


    Technical parameters

    Inner box size




    (L×W×H) cm

    Outside box size





    Equipment material

    Both internal and external material is using imported P.V.C rigid plastic board; the case cover is using transparent rigid plastic board P.V.C.

    Temperature range


    Temperature fluctuations


    Temperature uniformity


    Temperature precision


    Test chamber temperature

    NSS ACSS 35±1°C CASS:55±1°C

    Saturated air barrel temperature

    NSS ACSS 37±1°C CASS 57±1°C

    Brine temperature


    Spray quantity

    1.0~2.0 ml / 80cm2 / hr


    NSS ACSS6.5~7.2 CASS 3.0~3.2

    Lab volume




    Brine tank capacity







    AC 1,220V,30A

    Multiple safety protection devices

    Water shortage/ over temperature / phase protection

    Standard accessories

    Test salt, measure bucket, tool etc 1 set


    1. Imported gray P.V.C board system, special treatment corrosion resistance. Plastic V-shaped frame and stainless steel tube corner objects, to ensure that the sample into a 30-degree angle, four-wheel glide, can push to go.
    2. Fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, high transparency, pneumatic open cover.
    3. With automatic / manual water system, with water level is insufficient when the automatic / manual replenishment function. The experiment is not interrupted to meet the diverse requirements of the guests. (Automatic replenishment only need to access the water pipe can be)
    4. Nozzle: spray tower with cone-shaped disperser, with a guide fog, adjust the amount of fog, and uniform fog and other functions.
    5. With high-precision multi-function timer, the test time can be set to multi-functional. With power failure memory function, call back to power before the time to continue to work until the completion of the required time to avoid duplication of the experiment after power failure.
    6. Salt spray experiment using steam direct heating method, heating speed, temperature distribution, reduce the standby time.
    7. Two-button automatic operation. With full detection fault early warning system. A fault can be turned on and the alarm is displayed
    8. Use built-in fog collection tube two. Than the traditional external type compared to more difficult to bad.
    9. With overload short circuit protection. To prevent the occurrence of abnormal damage to the instrument and the instrument internal electronic control accessories.
    10. Inside and outside the box to connect the sealing groove, the use of water to prevent salt spray leakage.
    11. Import temperature controller using digital display, PID control, error ± 0.1
    12. Temperature range: 1: Laboratory temperature: 35
    - Pressure tank temperature: 50 (can be arbitrarily set)
    2: laboratory temperature: 47
    - pressure tank temperature: 63 (can be arbitrarily set)
    13. Reagent bottle with hidden with water level through the window, easy to clean, easy to rupture.
    14. Heating rate: 1: laboratory, room temperature --- → 35
    about 35 minutes
    2: pressure tank, room temperature --- → 47
    about 15 minutes
    15. Temperature accuracy: ± 1

    16 Applicable international standards: RELATEU STANDARDS CNS 3627,3885,4159,7669,8866; JIS D-0201, H-8502, H-8610, K-5400, Z-2371, ISO3768, 3769, 3770; ASTM B-117, ASTM B-268 B-268, GJB150.

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