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  • SL-E03 Ozone Test Chamber

    SL-E03 Ozone Test Chamber

    SL-E03 Ozone Test Chamber

    SL-E03 Ozone Test Chamber

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  • SL-E03 Ozone Test chamber


    It is used for testing rubber and polymer. Put the sample in certain density ozone environment, after having certain discoloration or the scheduled time and compare with the standard card.

    Stainless chamber walls are sealed with high-grade fiber gasket to assure leak proof operation

    Applications of Ozone Test Chamber 

    •    Accelerated Aging Studies
    •    Product Quality Control
    •    Research & Development

    •    Quality Assurance

    OZ air series "ozone test chambers" are manufactured with flexibility for testing with following standards
    •    ASTM D 518 IS-3400 (Part-20)
    •    ASTM D 1149 ISO 1431-1 : 1989
    •    ASTM D 1171
    •    ASTM D 3395
    •    ASTM D 4575
    •    BIS, ISO, DIN, MIL


    Technical parameters

     Ozone concentration  50~1000pphm                  
     Test chamber temperature  RT~+60℃
     Surface temperature fluctuations degrees  + /-0.5 ℃
     Load  10 kg 
     Dimension of test chamber  450×450×450mm
     External dimension   950×1450×950 mm

    Why is the ozone resistance tested for rubber?
    If a rubber or silicone product will come into contact with ozone gas during its lifespan, ozone exposure testing can help predict the material's response. This makes ozone testing an important step of the quality assurance process。

    How does a humidity chamber work?
    Inside the chamber there is a refrigerated coil that is controlled at a temperature very close to the freezing point, i.e. 0˚C (32°F). Moisture in the chamber will be attracted to the cold surface and condense, but not freeze. The accumulated water is drained out of the chamber thereby lowering the relative humidity.
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