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  • UV Accelerated Weathering Testing Machine

    Product introduction

    UV Accelerated Weathering Tester simulates damaging effects of long term outdoor exposure of materials and coatings by exposing test samples to varying conditions of the most aggressive components of weathering, ultraviolet radiation, moisture and heat.

    1. Internal material is stainless steel plate, external material is plastic spray.
    2. 8 UVA or UVB lamps
    3. Japan-imported temperature controller, and imported programmable time controller
    4. Exposure method: Vapor condensation and radiation
    5. Adjustable radiation condensation time.

    Technical Parameters

     Temp. range  RT+10º C~70º C
     Humid. range  ≥75%R· H
     Temp. accuracy  ± 0.5º C
     Humidity accuracy  ± 2%
     Temp. uniformity   ± 2º C
     Humidity uniformity  ± 3.0%RH~± 5.0%RH
     Temperature control  PID
     Interior dimensions  450× 1170× 500mm(W× H× D)
     Exterior dimensions  580× 1280× 1450mm(W× H× D)
     Center distance between lamp  70mm
     Distance from sample to lamp  55mm
     Standard sample size  (according to yours requirements)
     Water depth in water channel  25mm (automatically controlled)
     Blackboard temperature  40º C~65º C 
     Effective radiation area  900× 210mm
     Wavelength  UV-A: 315-400nm; UV-B: 280-315nm  

    How do you test weatherability?

    Accelerated natural weathering - To speed up the weathering process, accelerated natural testing can be applied. One method uses mirrors to amplify available UV radiation. A variety of environmental chambers are also used in conjunction with industry standards.


    What is UV testing?

    Ultraviolet exposure (UV testing) is performed to understand how a material will withstand the damaging effects of ultraviolet exposure, which can cause significant changes to the properties and useful life of a material.

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