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  • Water Cooled UV Xenon Arc Wethering Testing Chamber

    Water Cooled UV Xenon Arc Wethering Testing Chamber

    Water Cooled UV Xenon Arc Wethering Testing Chamber

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  • Programmable Water Cooled UV Xenon Arc Wethering Testing Chamber 


    Product introduction 

    This equipment uses xenon arc lamp that can simulate the whole spectrum of sunlight reproduction under different environments the destructive wave,which can provide the corresponding simulation environment and accelerated test for scientific research, product development and quality control.Aging test of xenon arc lamp under light and heat radiation by exposing material samples. To evaluate the light and weather resistance of some materials under the action of high temperature light sources. It is mainly used in automobiles, coatings, rubber, plastics, pigments, adhesives, fabrics and so on.

    Techncial parameters

    Product mix Sigal box vertical




    Technical parameters of xenon lamp

    Temperature rang RT℃~+80℃ Light irradiance
    Spectral wavelengths: 290nm~800nm Irradiance range: 550W~1200W/㎡
    Temperature fluctuation ≤±0.5℃
    Temperature uniformity ≤2℃
    cooling rate 0.7~1℃/min(Nonlinearity)
    Heating rate 3~5℃/min(Nonlinearity)
    Humidity rang 30%~98%R.H
    Humidity fluctuation



    Blackboard temperature 63+3℃




    Test standards for satisfaction

    GB/T1865-1997; GB/T16422.2-1999

    GB/T1189-91 ;GB/T18244 ; GB/TEJ2527-2008

    GB/T14049-2008;GB/T9276; GB/T528

    SAEJ-1885 ;SAEJ-1996

    ISO 105B-06 ;ISO 105B-02 ;ISO 105B-04

    ISO4892-2 ;ISO11341

    AATCC16E ;AATCC169(1)


    GMW3414TM Ford Interior

    ASTM G155-1 ASTM G155-4


    Implementation and compliance with standard instructions


    2.ISO 4892-2:2006

    3.ISO 11507


    5.ASTM G154



    Texture of material

    Material and size of outer box

    High quality cold rolled steel plate lacquer

    Deep:1400 wide:1450 high:1950mm

    Material and size of inner box

    Imported SUS304 stainless steel

    deep :800 wide: 800 high :800mm

    Insulation material High quality polyamine foamed 100mm


    Xenon Lamp House

    Water cooled xenon lamp 6kw, More than 1200 hours of life, easy to disassemble
    Light irradiance deviation ±0.01W/m2
    High radiation intensity control   It can reach 2 sun or higher levels
    Comparison of the spectrum of xenon lamp artificial climate test box light with the sun    




    Sprinkler and water source

    1, water pressure: 138 ~ 344Kpa (20 ~ 50psi); flow: minimum 0.6L/min.

    2, xenon lamp cooling, spray, humidification water use water: required to reach the national analytical laboratory two level water quality, water solid impurity content less than 1mg/L.

    3. The sewerage of the test box is located at the left rear of the bottom of the box.

    4. The temperature of the environment is 23±2℃, and the relative humidity is less than 80%. It should not be installed and used in the corrosive, toxic and harmful environment.


    Heating system

    heater Stainless steel ,316L fins, heat dissipating tube electric heater, Control mode: PID control mode, using non contactless periodic pulse width modulation SSR (solid state relay)












    Essential information TEMI-990 Truecolor touch programmable temperature and humidity controller
    The program controls 30 sets of 100 segments (the number of segments can be arbitrarily adjusted to each group)
    R232 communication interface
    Operation mode Fixed value / program
    Setting method Manual input
    Set range Temperature: -199℃~+200℃
    Humidity: 0% to 100%
    Time:0~9999 hours / minutes / seconds
    Resolving power Temperature: 0.01℃
    Humidity: 0.01%
    Input PT100 platinum resistance
    Ancillary function Alarm display function (prompting the cause of failure)
    Upper and lower limit temperature alarm function
    Timing function, self diagnostic function
    Measurement data acquisition PT100 platinum resistance




    Component configuration

    refrigeration system Compressor French original "Tai Kang" full closed compressor unit
    Refrigeration mode Single stage refrigeration
    Refrigerant Environment-friendly R-404A
    Condenser Taiwan middle force
    expansion valve Danish original "Danfoss"
      Air supply circulation system The forced circulation of air by a stainless steel fan
    Chinese foreign joint venture "constant profit" differential motor
    Multi wing wind turbine
    Air supply system as a single cycle
    Window light Philips
    Other configuration Stainless steel movable sample frame can be moved 1 layers
    Hollow conductive thermal defrosting functional glass observation window and light lamp
    Universal moving wheel angle



    Xenon lamp cooling water shortage protection
    Low (high) alarm of xenon lamp irradiance
    Door safety protection
    Production standards GB/2423.1 ;GB/2423.2;GB/2423.3,GB/2423.4






    Conditions of use



    Allowable range of voltage fluctuation: AC380V ± 10%

    Frequency allowable fluctuation range: 50Hz ±0.5 Hz

    Protection ground wire grounding resistance less than 4 omega; TN-S mode power supply or TT mode power supply

    Use of the environment

    Temperature: 5℃~35℃

    relative humidity: ≤85%RH


    The ground is smooth and well ventilated, without inflammable, explosive and corrosive gases and dust

    There is no strong electromagnetic radiation source nearby

    There is a proper maintenance space around the equipment


    Product Features

    • Presetting various specifications, Custom program capability, meet diverse range of standards, including AATCC, ISO, BS, JIS etc;
    • Automatic compensating system (PATENT) control the Xenon Lamp Power;
    • Colorful touch screen, indicate the condition of chamber at real-time, be able to presetting irradiance, temperature (BPT, BST, chamber), humidity, and plot dynamic curve of them. The operator simply selects the required test module and test standards; English user interface, diagram indicate condition of chamber, easy to use;
    • PLC control, powerful program and storage property, save the parameters when interrupt of power supply.
    • Chamber temperature control, irradiation temperature, and heater raise the temperature, air conditioning refrigeration.
    • Irradiation control, light irradiance sensor monitor, digital setting, automatic compensating system, stepless adjustable.
    • Sample holder/ rack:360 degree rotating, can hold samples of different sizes

    • Xenon Arc Lamp to simulate the best full spectrum sunlight

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