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  • Environment Friendly 1260 L High And Low Temperature Test Chamber Easy Operate

    Product introduction

    The whole structure, that is, test box, refrigeration system, air conditioning system, electrical control cabinet, refrigeration unit as a whole, the refrigeration unit is located in the bottom of the box, electrical control part of the side of the test chamber, easy to operate.

    The box
    A) the end of the studio in the duct sandwich, the distribution of heaters, refrigeration evaporator, blast motor, fan and other devices;
    B) The test box side with a cable threading hole 1, size ф50mm;
    C) The test chamber is made of 1mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate. The box shell is made of 1mm thick cold plate
    D) insulation material using polyurethane foam, thickness 100mm, good insulation effect, the outer surface of the test chamber does not frost, do not condensation.
    E) The studio is equipped with four adjustable mesh partitions; each size 1400 (length) * 600 (width) * 375 (high), 4 layers
    F) The tank is provided with a condensate drain.


    The door
    Double door, door seals are used double-wire silicone rubber seal;
    4 Observation lighting device:
    The door is equipped with a multi-layer insulating glass observation window, the size of about: 300 × 275mm, and a heated anti-frost device. A (AC12V) 20W halogen lamp is installed on the door of the test chamber.


    Main Specifications

    Interior size

    600 × 1400 × 1500mm (depth × width × height)

    External Dimensions

    1100 × 1800 × 2300mm (depth × width × height)

    The temperature range

    0 ~ +30

    The temperature fluctuation

    ≤ ± 1

    The temperature uniformity

    ≤ ± 3 ;

    The temperature deviation

    ≤ ± 1 ;

    The rise and fall rate

    Cooling rate RT ~ 0 , average 1 / min non-linear
    Heating rate of 0 ~ +30 , an average of 3 / min non-linear

    Wind speed

    1.7 ~ 2.5m / s

    The above indicators are in the ambient temperature ≤ 25 , atmospheric pressure, no load, no load conditions, from the box wall within 1/6 space measured test


    about 5.5Kw

    Power supply

    380V ± 10% V; 50Hz

    GB / T2423.22-87Nb GJB1032-90 MIL-STD-2164 / (E / C)
    GB / T2423.4-93 GB / T2423.34-86 GJB150.9-86
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