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  • 1m 3 VOC And Formaldehyde Emission Test Chamber 


    0.225 m3 / 1m 3 VOC and Formaldehyde Emission Test Chamber complies with standard EN717-VOC and Formaldehyde Emission Test Chamber can be used for a variety of man-made board and compound wood floor, test the formaldehyde releasing, and also the wood and man-made board's constant temperature and humidity balance processing.

    Technical Parameters

    Temperature range








    Air change rate

    0.2m32m3/h(rate 0.22 time/h)

    Inner Working Size


    0.80m(W)×1.0m(H)×1.25m (L)

    Outside test chamber dimension

    2100(L)×1810(H)×1150 W

    TVOC background conc shall be <0.006mg/m3, background of any single target VOC shall be<0.005mg/m3

    The chamber will be used to test for construction materials. Designed as per the following standards:

    ASTM D6007 (formaldehyde emission from wood products)
    ASTM D5116 (TVOC emission)
    ASTM D6330 (VOCs emission from wood-based panels)

    Key Features

    TEMI 880 LCD Colour Touch Screen
    With RS232 output to computer
    With Viewing Window
    With thermostats (prevent overheat)
    Inner material: Stainless steel SUS#304(1.0mm thick) stainless steel welding all around.
    Outside material: special steel powder coating, the bottom can be fixed, adjusted the level of the PU with four casters.







    Test chamber

    Test chamber side is equipped with cable threading hole 1, size of ф 50 mm

    Test chamber working chamber is made of 1 mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate, case shell by 1 mm thick cold plate paint manufacturing

    Workshop equipped with two layers of stainless steel bar shelf adjustable height

    Cabinet is equipped with condensate drain



    The door

    Single door, door seal adopts double silicone rubber sealing strip

    Door installed on a multilayer insulating glass observation window, size: 300 x 275 mm, and is equipped with heating frost prevention device. Test chamber door installed on a 20 w

    4 Observation and lighting



    The heating system

    Continuous PID control, the use of ac contactor as heating actuator, safe and reliable, has a separate overtemperature protection system








    Air duct system

    In order to guarantee high evenness index, test chamber is equipped with internal circulation air supply system; Duct sandwich at the end of the studio, the distribution of the heater, refrigeration evaporator, blades, etc; Use fan to make the air circulation in the oven, when fan at high speed, the studio in lower suction air duct, after heating, cooling, blow out from the upper air duct, the sample (s) in the studio and heat transfer within the air inhaled air duct again after repeated circulation, so as to achieve the temperature set requirements.












    Control system

    Temperature measuring: Pt100 platinum resistance

    Humidity measurements: Pt100 platinum resistance dry wet ball method

    Control unit: programmable digital temperature controllers and humidity controllers TEMI880. Can display set parameters, time, heater, humidifier and other working condition, and has run test at the same time and PID parameters self-tuning function. It takes only a set temperature can achieve the function of refrigerating machine to run automatically. Control system using intelligent control software system, has automatic combined cooling, heating, humidification, etc. The operation condition of the subsystem, so as to ensure the high precision control of temperature and humidity in the whole range, to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption. Perfect detection device can automatically, according to the detailed fault alarm, such as when the chamber when an exception occurs, the controller automatically according to fault state.

    Screen display: set temperature and humidity; the measured temperature and humidity

    setting precision: 1

    operation modes: constant operation

    Other main low voltage electrical components adopt famous brand products, such as Schneider ac contactor, thermal overload relay, OMRON small intermediate relay, delixi circuit breaker, Taiwan and all appropriate water level float switch, etc




    Safety protection device

    Studio overtemperature protection

    Short circuit protection of the heater

    Fan overload protection

    Compressor overpressure protection

    Compressor overload protection

    Water/water protections

    Earth leakage protection

    Safe and reliable grounding device

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