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  • Xenon Weather Test Chamber

    Xenon Weather Test Chamber

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  • 800L Environmental Test Chamber Water Cooled Xenon Lamp Testing Chamber


    Water Cooled Xenon Lamp Testing Chamber is used to determine the color fastness and aging to sunlight, weather resistance, compound color fastness to sunlight-perspiration of Geotextile, leather, leatheroid, plastic, etc, by setting various parameters of irradiance, temperature, humidity, spray to simulate natural condition in lab. Be able to control irradiance real-time, automatically inspect and compensate irradiance, temperature, humidity.



    1.Presetting various specifications, Custom program capability, meet diverse range of standards, including AATCC, ISO, BS, JIS etc;

    2.Colorful touch screen, indicate the condition of chamber at real-time, be able to presetting irradiance, temperature (BPT, BST, chamber), humidity, and plot dynamic curve of them. The operator simply selects the required test module and test standards; English user interface, diagram indicate condition of chamber, easy to use;

    3.PLC control, powerful program and storage property, save the parameters when interrupt of power supply.

    4.Chamber temperature control, irradiation temperature, and heater raise the temperature, air conditioning refrigeration.

    5.Custom program capability and storage for additional user-defined tests.

    6. Built-in diagnostics and warnings, automatic prompt when lamp or optical filters require changing.   Multi-position sensor to supervise working condition, temperature, humidity, fan, xenon lamp, and door to chamber, it makes device work properly and reliably;

    7.Use driving clutch to connect turntable and motor, it makes turntable rotate freely and put sample easily without stopping unit;


    Technical Parameters

    Xenon lamp technical parameters temperature range

    RT ~ +80 light irradiance

    Spectral wavelength

    290nm ~ 800nm Irradiation range of 550W ~ 1200W /

    Temperature fluctuation

    ≤ ± 0.5

    Temperature uniformity

    ≤ 2

    Cooling rate

    0.7 ~ 1 / min (non-linear)

    Heating rate

    3 ~ 5 / min (non-linear)

    Humidity range

    30% ~ 98% R.H

    Humidity fluctuates

    3% to 4% R.H

    Blackboard temperature

    63 + 3



    Outer box material, size high quality cold rolled steel plate paint deep 1400 * wide 1450 * high 1950mm
    Inner box material, size imported SUS304 stainless steel deep 800 * wide 800 * high 800mm
    Insulation material quality polyurethane foam 100mm
    Xenon light source water-cooled xenon lamp 6KW, life of more than 1200 hours, easy to disassemble
    Light Irradiance Deviation ± 0.01W / m2
    High radiation intensity control can reach 2 sun or higher levels

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