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  • Fourier Infrared Smoke Toxicity Analysis System

    Fourier Infrared Smoke Toxicity Analysis System

    Fourier Infrared Smoke Toxicity Analysis System

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  • DIN 5510-2 FTIR Fourier Infrared Smoke Toxicity Analysis System

    Product introduction

    FTIR Fourier Infrared Toxicity Analysis System, developed for online smoke composition analysis, with NBS Smoke Density Test Box (ISO 5659-2) mode, meets DIN5510-2, EN 45545-2 and ISO 19702 test standards. The flue gas can be sampled at high temperature and analyzed at high temperature, and qualitative and quantitative analysis can be performed online. The types of gases analyzed include, but are not limited to, the following types: CO2, CO, SO2, HCL, HBR, HCN, HF, NOX, and the like.

    Technical parameters

    1. Measurement principle: Fourier transform infrared
    2. Zero drift: automatic correction
    3. Range drift: no
    4. Linear deviation: ≤ 2% F.S { 24h }
    5. Response time (T90) ≤ l20s before flue gas treatment; ≤ l20s after flue gas treatment.
    6. Protection level: lP65
    7. CaroUsel interferometer

    Resolution: 8cm-1 Scanning speed: 10 times 1 second Detector: Peltier cooling MCT Infrared source: Sic, l550K Beam splitter: BaF2 Window: BaF2 Wavelength range: 900 - 4200crn-1
    8.Sample gas chamber Sample Cell
    Working temperature: l80 °C Multiple reflection path length: 2.5m Material: 100% gold coating
    Mirror: fixed, gold coated Volume: 1.07L Interface: Swagelok 6 rnm orll4" Seal: Viton. 0-ring5
    9. The data interface
    Communication: RS-232 D type 9 hole
    10. Sampling
    Sampling pump: external sample flow required: 2-I0L/min Dust filtration requirement: 2U sample gas pressure requirement: atmosphere
    11. Built-in data processing
    AID Converter: Dynamic Range 95 Db Signal Processor: 32-bit Floating Point DSP Operation Speed: 120 MFLOPS
    12. Power: 220VAC, 50HZ

    Product Feature and Application

    1. The test principle is Fourier transform infrared analysis;
    2. Mid-infrared full spectrum analysis, spectral range: 900-4200 cm-1.
    3. Resolution: 8 cm-1, typical detection line: 1ppm, interferometer scanning speed: 10 times / sec;
    4. Detector: Peltier cooling MCT, infrared light source: SiC150K, beam splitter: ZnSe (moisture-proof material);
    5. Measurement accuracy: ±2% of full scale;
    6. Working temperature: 180 ° C, multiple reflection optical path: 5.0m;
    7. 2 or more dust filtration (2μm);
    8. Using moisture-proof optical window material, suitable for wet working environment;
    9. The data can be continuously tested for a long time, and the live spectrum and data can be continuously recorded and recorded, and the historical data can be played back;
    10. The gas chamber material is coated with gold coating, antimony coating and corrosion-resistant gas (HCL, HCN, NH3);
    11. Can measure H2O up to 40% of the mixture, permanently save the spectral library, after the calibration of the factory gas components, no need to recalibrate;
    12. Response time T90 <12s;
    13. The whole process of heating, constant temperature control;
    14. Can automatically carry out temperature and pressure compensation, operational friendly;
    15. Low maintenance cost, no sample loss and change thermal sampling system, fully automatic test system and complete safety functions, fully modular system to ensure maximum flexibility;
    16. Before the sampling unit, it is not necessary to dilute and dehydrate the sample gas, and all parts are heated to 180 ° C;
    17. Fully meet the ISO 19702 and EN 45545-2 standards.

    Product Details

    The FT-IR Toxicity Analysis System consists of three components: ISO 5659-2 Smoke Density Box, Gas Sampling Pretreatment, and Fourier Transform Infrared Analyzer. The sampling pretreatment differs from the conventional method in that all of its components are operated at a high temperature of 180 ° C without removing water. The analysis part of the Fourier transform infrared analyzer is also thermostated at 180 ° C. The main components are the light source, sample cell, interferometer and detector. The interferometer modulates the infrared laser and white light and scans the gas sample to be analyzed. Since the optical channel of the sample cell is up to 7 meters long, an excellent signal can be obtained, and the absorbed modulated light signal is called DTGS. The infrared monitor is used for detection. The detected infrared spectrum signal is compared with the standard spectrum in the computer database after being subjected to Fourier transform processing by a computer, and the components in the gas sample are qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed.


    DIN 5510-2
    ISO 19702:2015
    CSN EN 45545-2+A1:2015
    IMO FTPC Part 2
    Dimension:Test host: 900mm (W) x 1750mm x (H) x 700mm (D)

    Installation requirements

    Power requirements: 220 V, 10 Amps
    Ambient temperature: 10 ° C to 35 ° C
    Auxiliary gas: air compressor gas (if equipped with nitrogen generator)

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