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  • SL-7603C Single Cable Vertical Flaming Tester

    SL-7603C Single Cable Vertical Flaming Tester

    SL-7603C Single Cable Vertical Flaming Tester

    SL-7603C Single Cable Vertical Flaming Tester

    SL-7603C Single Cable Vertical Flaming Tester

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  • SL-7603C Single Cable Vertical Flaming Tester

    Product Introduction

    IEC 60332 Single Insulated Wire or Cable Vertical Flammability Tester is used for conductor diameter greater than 8mm (cross-sectional area greater than 0.5mm2) or less than 8mm (cross-sectional area less than 0.5mm2) of the single wire and cable flammability assessment. It is suitable for the research, production and quality inspection departments of electrical and electronic products and components such as lighting equipment, low voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tools, electrical appliances, electric tools, electronic instruments, electrical instruments, electrical connectors and accessories. In line with IEC 60332.


     According to IEC60332-1-1:2004,  IEC60332-1-2:2004,  IEC60332-1-3:2004, EN50265-1, EN50265-2-1



    Applies to check thesingle insulation wire and cable vertical spreading test which total section area less than 0.5mm2

    Technical parameters

    Vertical burning chamber W300xH1200xD450mm
    Gas Use high purity propane gas or liquefied petroleum gas (provide by user-self)
    Specimen length 600±25mm
    Area of specimen Total section area less than 0.5mm2
    Testing temperature This device is located in a stuffiness room and the temperature keeping the 23±10℃ for testing
    Burning time continuously setting between 0.1-999.9S, during the setting time flame could continuously burning the specimen
    Control function Switch can choose to be manual or automatically according to the actual needed
    Gas flow range 0.1-1L/min
    Area flow range 0.1-1m3/h
    Burner 500W for standards power, 125±25mm for total height of the flame
    Temperature measurement system according to GB/T5169.14-2007 and IEC60695-11-03 standard requirements, including temperature copper (10g), K type thermocouple and diameter is 0.5 mm with stainless steel sheathed, stopwatch and thermometer etc.
    What is a Vertical flame Test?
    A test specimen is positioned vertically above a controlled flame and exposed for a specified period of time. Following exposure, the flame source is removed. Measurements are made on the length of time that the specimen continues to flame and the time afterglow continues after the flame source has been removed.
     IEC 60332-1-1 1 KW Single Insulated Wire and Cable Vertical Flame Test Equipment
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