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  • SL-F31 AATCC Washing Machine (Whirlpool)

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  • AATCC Washing Machine (Whirlpool)


    Product information

    It is a shrinkage tester appointed by American AATCC
    This machine through either the family type washed many times to the textile afterwards measures the textile the shrinkage or the elongation ratio, after also might carry on each kind to wash the outward appearance evaluation.
    Meet to AATCC standard testing method (88B+C, 124, 130, 135, 142, 143, 150, 172 and 179).

    Technical Parameters 


      1095× 685× 675mm

      Washing capacity

      18 pound/8.2kg

      Washing process


      Water temperature

       5 sect

      Water level

       3 sect

      Washing method

       rolling plus stirring

      Place of original


      Power Supply


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