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  • SL-F37 Fabric Automatic Stiffness Tester

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  • SL-F37 Fabric Automatic Stiffness Tester

    Product Introduction
    The bending properties of the fabric are important physical parameters for studying the properties of the fabric such as stiffness, drapability and softness.
    The instrument uses two mechanical indexes of bending length (also known as drape stiffness) and bending stiffness (also known as bending stiffness) to express "the ability of the fabric to resist the shape change of its bending direction", collectively referred to as stiffness.
    The instrument is suitable for rigid flexural tests of various woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and general non-woven fabrics, coated fabrics, etc., such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber, etc. It is also suitable for flexible materials such as paper, leather and film. The rigid flex test.


    Product Features
    1. Infrared beam is used to form the "invisible" detection bevel, which replaces the traditional tangible bevel, realizes non-contact detection, and overcomes the problem that the measurement accuracy is affected by the torsion of the sample by the inclined surface.
    2. At the same time, it is possible to adjust the measurement tilt angle;
    3. The automatic detection system overcomes the shortcomings of visual inspection and enhances the anti-interference;
    4. The sample platen automatic landing device ensures the accuracy and consistency of the platen and sample positioning, and improves the working efficiency.

    Technical Parameters

     Measuring angle of the instrument  41°, 30', 43°, 45° adjustable
     Extending length range  0.5cm--20cm (special requirements can be made at the time of order)
     Numerical display resolution  0.01cm; measurement accuracy: ±1%
     Specimen size   2.5cm × 20cm
     Working platform specifications   5cm × 20cm
     Sample platen specification  2.5cm × 20cm
     Pushing speed of sample platen  0.3~0.5 cm/s
     Power supply  single phase 220V 50Hz
     Host volume  425mm × 250mm × 380mm
     Host weight  16.5Kg

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