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  • High Temperature Laboratory Dyeing Machine



    High Temperature Lab Dyeing Machine for formulation of production recipes. Single bath with hinged lid, fitted with manually controlled water cooling coil.


    Product information
    Fit for laboratory dyeing and washing fastness test, etc.
    Computer can imitate automatically and correctly the actual production conditions.
    The specially designed sealed and high quality stainless steel cups do not stain colors.
    No leakage of water or air. No rust. Easy cleaning.
    Wholly stainless coil pipe type cooling. Fast cooling speed and high cooling efficiency.
    Various kinds of test cups of different capacity are for your choice to suit laboratory dyeing of different bath ratio and yarn/ fabric quantity.
    Tools for opening and clamping the cups are equipped with. Very easy operation.
    Test cup Q’ty Power consumption RPM Hot oil consumption Weight

    12 6kw 42 50 liters 155kg

    24 9kw 42 65litres 180kg


    Technical parameters

     Temperature range  20-140degree
     Keeping temperature  0-99min
     Temperature increment  0.6-3.5degree/min
     Temperature reduction  6degree/min
     Temperature accuracy  +/-0.6degree
     Rotating speed  45RPM
     Beaker volume  250ml/450ml
     Max program  15
     Dimensions  920 x 650 x 120mm(LxWxH)
     Instrument weight  170kg

    Which machine is used for dyeing?

    Jigger dyeing machine: This machine use to dye woven fabric. Winch dyeing machine: In this machine both woven and knitted fabrics are dyed. Specially knit dyeing is done by this machine. Jet dyeing machine: Knitted and woven fabric can be dyed by this machine.


    How do you test for dye?

    The most realistic test would be to use a scrap piece of fabric from the garment you are dyeing and leave it in the dyebath for 5 minutes. If a scrap piece of fabric isn't available, then use a fabric swatch that has a similar fiber makeup as the garment (if available).

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