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  • OSU Heat Release Rate Tester

    OSU Heat Release Rate Tester

    OSU Heat Release Rate Tester

    OSU Heat Release Rate Tester

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  • OSU Heat Release Rate Tester Stainless Steel Combustion Test Chamber Equipped

    Product information

    The OSU heat release rate tester approved by FAA of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States was originally designed by Smith of Ohio State University in 1972, and later became a FAA designated combustion test instrument for testing the heat release rate of Aeronautical materials. The test standards are FAR Part 25 Appendix F Part IV, Airbus AITM 2.00. 06, Boeing BSS 7322.

    Performance characteristics

    1. Stainless steel combustion test chamber with high temperature glass observation window;
    2. The heat radiation source is 4 Glowbars heating rods, which can provide 35KW/M2 heat radiation flux.
    3. Two independent PID temperature controllers are used for heating temperature control.
    4. Equipped with fully automatic pneumatic sample propulsion device and shielding door device;
    5. Equipped with upper burner and movable lower burner;
    6. Rotor flowmeter can be used to adjust the gas flow rate of upper and lower burners.
    7. Equipped with movable T-type calibration burner device and flow controller;
    8. Mass flow controller is applied to thermopile temperature calibration automatically.
    9. Water-cooled heat flow meter is equipped with cooling mode to measure the heat radiation flux of the fire surface.
    10. The air temperature control device can provide constant temperature and flow air for the test chamber.
    11. The orifice flowmeter is used to measure the flow pressure entering the test bin.
    12. Equipped with data acquisition system and heat release standard test software.

    Technicl parameters

     Size  760mm (W) x 1850mm x (H) x 850mm (D)
     Weight  218KG
     Electricity requirements  220 V, 35 Amps
     Ambient temperature  10 ℃ to 35 ℃
     Auxiliary Gas  Constant Temperature and Constant Current Gas
     Combustion gas  methane
     Standard   AITM 2.0006、BSS 7322、FAR PART 25 APPENDIX F Part IV
     Applications  Aviation Materials
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