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  • SL-7601S UL Cable Vertical-Tray Flaming Test Room(UL1685)

    SL-7601S UL Cable Vertical-Tray Flaming Test Room(UL1685)

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  • SL-7601S UL Cable Vertical-Tray Flaming Test Room(UL1685)
    Product information
    Standards According to the clause 9.6 & 9.7 of UL1685-2007, UL2556-2007
    Scope Apply to check the vertical-tray fire test for determining values of cable flame propagation and smoke release when the cables are subjected to a flaming ignition source. (It is nothing to the purpose of cables, such as the electric power, telecommunications etc.)
    Main components Main consist of Ignition source & supply fire control system, collection hood & exhaust duct flux control system, pressure measurement instrumentation of gas, smoke measurement instruments & temperature measurement system, flame height measurement system etc.
    Technical parameters
     1. Test room: Fire resistance bricks for walls and which density is 1698kg/m3, Interface spray black paint, and the outer size of the room is W2438×D2438×H3353mm;
    2. Door: Stainless steel frame and wired-glass door, the overall size is W0.9× H2.0m;
    3. Smoke collection hood: Which made by stainless steel, each side is to be sloped 400, the hood as a cube and each side length is 914mm, there is a dust mesh under the hood and each side length is 610mm;
    4. Observation window: Which as a square and each side length is 457mm, 1295mm distance from the lower side of the window to floor, 1143mm distance from right of the window to the wall;
    5. Air inlets: which size are 559×343mm, 914×305mm, 2438×343mm;
    6. Exhaust duct: L9000×φ406mm, install it at the centered in on the right side of the cube hood
    7. Cable tray: H2400mm, the rundle as a square which size is L305×W25×D25, and both rundles distance is 299mm;
    8. Burner: L341mm×D30mm with 242 holes;
    9. Gas flux: 13.2L/min, 0.1Mpa for gas pressure
    10.Flux checking: The differential pressure flowmeter sense smoke pipeline flow speed , provide basis for the control of fan speed ;
    11.Light transmittance: photocell sense the smoke density during the flaming;
    12.Height of flame: Infrared visible light show the current height of the flame real-time;
    13.Special software: Draw up the curve by the pip flow, smoke density, height of the flame ,and form a table automatically, through the printer printing;
    14. Control system: 5.7inch color touch screen, PLC from Japanese Panasonic, SCM, 16 bits high-performance AD transform etc.
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