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  • Protective Clothing Protection Against Heat And Fire


    Product Introduction

    The thermal radiation resistance tester is used to determine the thermal radiation protection performance of protective materials, which meets the test standards of ISO 6942 and EN 366. The instrument consists of two testing methods. Method A is used to visually evaluate the appearance changes of the material after thermal radiation. Method B measures the radiation heat transfer index (RHTI) of the material by measuring the test time required to raise the back temperature of the sample by 12 or 24 degrees, and then determines the thermal protection performance of the material.


    Performance characteristics

    1. The convective heat resistance test device is composed of radiation device, sample bracket, data acquisition and software system.

    2. The thermal radiation device is composed of six Glowbar heat radiation tubes with working temperature not less than 1100 degrees.

    3. Sample clamping device is cooled and protected by circulating water cooling device.

    4. Copper plate calorimeter made of oxygen-free superconducting copper is used to measure the heat radiation flux.

    5. The sample holder can move horizontally, and the heat radiation flux can be determined by different positions.

    6. Equipped with weighting device, it can be used to apply 2N standard gravity to the sample.

    7. Data acquisition system can record heat radiation flux, temperature, time and other parameters.

    8. Equipped with computer and printer device, it can output data and print test report. 


    Application: Safety Protection

    Standard: AQ 6103/BS EN 366:1993/DIN EN 366:1993/ISO 6942:2002

    Size: 1300mm (L) X 500mm (W) X 1200mm (H)

    Weight: 160KG

    Installation Requirements

    Electricity Requirements: 220V, 70A

    Ambient temperature: 10 C to 35 C

    Gas requirements: air compressor air source

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