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  • Anti-Liquid Molten Metal Splash Test Device

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  • Fire Testing Equipment ISO9185 Assessment of resistance of materials to moltenmetalsplash


    Product Introduction

    The thermal penetration resistance of protective clothing materials used to prevent a large number of molten metal splashes was evaluated by the anti-liquid molten metal splashing test device developed according to ISO9185 standard. Medium such as molten aluminium, molten cryolite, molten copper, molten iron and spatter of molten low carbon steel directly acted on the surface of the material. The penetration resistance of protective clothing materials was evaluated by the damage degree of PVC film attached to the back of the sample.


    Performance characteristics

    1. The anti-liquid metal bead splash test device includes high frequency heating device, sample frame, crucible support, sample frame rotating device, high temperature radiometer, etc.

    2. The high temperature radiometer can measure the melting metal temperature up to 1650 C, and the accuracy can reach (+10) C.

    3. The metal solution pouring device rotates at a constant angular speed and can pour the sample.

    4. High frequency heating device, which can be used to melt aluminium, copper, iron and mild steel, can be heated to 1800 degrees.

    5. Protective framework and toughened glass observation window are equipped to protect the safety of testers.

    6. The bracket arm control unit can be used for lifting and rotating the crucible bracket.


    Standard: ISO 9185:2007

    Size: 1000mm (L) * 1000mm (W) * 1500mm (H)

    Weight: 180KG

    Installation requirements

    Electricity requirements: 220V, 10A; 380V, 60A

    Ambient temperature: 10 C to 35 C

    Gas requirements: air compressor air source, external diameter 8mm

    Water source requirement: tap water source, external diameter 15 mm

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