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  • SAE-J 1128-2005 Vertical Flammability Tester

    SAE-J 1128-2005 Vertical Flammability Tester

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  • SAE-J 1128-2005 Automotive Wires / Cable Flammability Testing Equipment

    Product Introduction

    Single wire / cable vertical combustion tester mainly for the conductor diameter greater than 8mm (section area is greater than 0.5mm2) or less than 8mm (section area less than 0.5mm2) of single wire and cable flammability evaluation. Suitable for lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, electrical tools, electric motor, electric tools, electronic instruments, electrical instruments, electrical connectors and accessories such as electrical and electronic products and components of the research, production and quality inspection department. This section adopts the recommended product structure of the air mixing structure in Appendix B of GB18380.12-2008, and also meets the requirements of the quality inspection unit in detail.


    Technical parameters

    1. Seven inch full-color programmable controller, touch screen, +PLC control, to achieve control / detection / calculation / data display multi-function
    2. A high degree of automation: automatic record test time, automatic test results, automatic timing, automatic ignition, flame after the end of the Bunsen burner automatically returned, you can choose whether or not to shut off gas
    3. When you start, you can choose whether to auto ignition, start, stop, gas, timing, ignition, preservation, preservation, lighting, exhaust control by touch screen control, fingertips touch, you can complete the test
    4. Timing button, with PLC automatic recording, storage, burning time
    5. Test time system automatically record and produce test results
    6. Burner: inner diameter Phi 9.5mm + 0.5mm
    7. Test tilt angle: 45 degrees, the beam can move back and forth, according to the pattern thickness adjustment and Bunsen lamp position;
    8. Flame height: 20mm + 2mm to 190mm + 1mm adjustable
    9. Flame time: 0-999.9s + 0.1s adjustable
    10. Combustion gas: 95% propane gas (in general can use liquefied petroleum gas instead)
    11. Gas: using high purity propane gas or liquefied petroleum gas (user owned);
    12. Tested wire and cable length: 600 + 25mm;
    13. Tested wire and cable diameter: conductor diameter greater than 0.8mm or cross-sectional area greater than 0.5mm2
    14. The device should be placed in the wind, and the temperature is (23 + 10) Celsius in the environment for testing
    15. Standard combustion burner power: 1KW;
    16. Power supply voltage: 220V/50Hz
    17. Gas flow: 0-1L/min
    18.  Air flow: 1.5-15L/min
    19. Box material: steel plate electrostatic spraying (stainless steel case can be specified)
    20. Equipment size: 60 cm long, 45cm wide, 156cm high



    Single cable vertical burning test is set by size Bunsen (Bunsen burner) and the specific gas source (Bing Wan), according to a certain flame height and some application of flame angle on the vertical state of the sample application to test ignition timing, ignition, combustion duration and combustion to assess its length flammable and fire hazard.

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