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  • Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Tester

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  • Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Tester with Stainless Steel Test Box

    Product introduction

    Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Spread Tester is a series conforming to IEC 60332-3-10 (Category A~D) standards. The test measures the expansion of vertical flame to the electronically or optically vertical cable or wire using the standard ignition source while supplying a certain amount of air to a chamber of a defined volume.

    Additionally, if bunched cable vertical flame spread testers burner is adjusted by 20 degrees angle, it can be measure under IEEE 383(IEEE 1202) standard. Also, if Heat Release Facility is attached, it can measure fire dynamics value as H.R.R (Heat Release Rate), S.P.R (Smoke Production Rate) and so on.​

    Technical  parameters 

    1.Test chamber has the dimension of 1,000±100(W) x 2,000±100(D) x 4,000±100(H) mm.

    2.The bottom surface of the test chamber is higher than the ground while the rear side is supplemented with insulated material to insulate it from heat.At the lower section of the test chamber, there is a 800±20(W)x 400±10(D) sized hole at the 150±10mm position from the front side of the chamber to supply the air.
    3.There is a 300±30(W)x1,000±100(D) sized exhaust hole at the rear corner of the top section of the test chamber to allow emission of the smoke during the test.
    4.A flame trap is installed at the front side of the burner of the vertical flame spread tester to prevent backfire by propane to ensure the utmost safety.
    5.Unlike the conventional IEC60332-3 equipment, the vertical flame spread tester records all control and test conditions with the computer to add user friendliness.
    6.If stop the excessive combustion test due to Water Spray device installed for extinguish.
    7.The program on the requirement on standard and 70,000Btu/h can be program.
    8.Wide stainless steel ladder dimensions: 500(W) ×3, 500(H) mm.
    9.Standard stainless steel ladder dimensions: 800(W) ×3, 500(H).
    10.Two sets of standard propane burner and venturi mixtures.
    11.Follow the standard category can program for select a test.

    Product Feature and Application

    1.Automatically record all control and test conditions with your computer;
    2.Because of the effect of temperature on gas pressure and density, the burner gas and air automatic compensation system is controlled by computer;
    3.Burning surface size: (L) 257 × (W) 4.5 mm;
    4.The heat source is a belt type propane burner blower with a Venturi mixer and a hole center distance: 3.2 mm.

    Application:The bundled wire and cable burning tester is an instrument for detecting the ability of a vertically installed bundled cable or cable to suppress vertical flame propagation under specified conditions, and is an essential device for bundled combustion tests of power cables, control cables, and optical cables.

    Product Details 


    GB/T 18380.3:2001,GB/T 18380.31~36: 2008
    IEC 60332-3-10:2000,IEC 60332-3-21~25:2000
    Dimension:1120 mm (W) x 2200 mm (D) x 5070 mm (H)

    Installation requirements

    Electrical: 110V AC 60Hz / 230V AC 50Hz, 5A

    Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C

    Gas: air and propane

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