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  • Tobacco Toxicity Test Device (Squirrel Cage Method) with Ring Furnace


    Product introduction
    The smoke toxicity test device (squirrel cage method) is applicable to the test standard of GB/T 20285 "Hazard classification of smoke toxicity of materials". The test principle is: the constant velocity of the strip sample is constant speed by the annular furnace with stable heating. The constant velocity mobile scanning heating is used to obtain a stable flue gas flow through the blowing of the flue gas in the quartz tube through the constant velocity carrier gas flow, and is sent into an independent squirrel cage, and then the state of the experimental white rat is observed, and the test result is judged.


    Technical parameters
    1.The test equipment includes a ring furnace, a furnace displacement device, a quartz tube device, a temperature calibration device, an poisoning box, a rotating cage, a temperature control device, an air flow control device, and a three-way valve.
    2. The annular furnace consists of a furnace shell, a furnace body, a furnace tube and an electric heating wire. The inner wall of the furnace tube is a heating surface. The diameter of the furnace tube is 47±1 mm, the length is 100±1 mm, and the temperature range is not less than room temperature to 1100 degrees.
    3.Temperature calibration device, imported Omega K thermocouple with outer diameter of 1mm, welded with 1CR18NI9TI material temperature sensitive sheet, and can be connected with computer software to calibrate the temperature rise in the furnace.
    4. Japan Omron temperature control device, using PID temperature control method, the furnace temperature accuracy is better than ± 1 degree, the temperature fluctuation at rest is better than ± 0.1 degrees, the temperature fluctuation during exercise is better than ± 2.5 degrees.

    Furnace displacement device, the displacement rate of the ring furnace is 10±0.1mm/min, the movable distance is ≥600mm, and the Japanese Panasonic servo motor and PLC control mode are adopted.


    Product Feature and Application
    1. Quartz tube and quartz boat device, quartz tube diameter is 36 ± 1mm, wall thickness 2 ± 0.5mm, length 1100 ± 100mm, quartz boat length is 400mm, width 32 ± 1mm.
    2. Mouse cage and poisoning box, the mouse cage is made of aluminum, the quality of the cage is 60±10g, the mouse cage can be flexibly rotated on the bracket, there is no fixed static point, the poison box is colorless. Made of transparent plexiglass with an effective space of about 9.2L, it can hold 10 mice for the test.
    3. Air flow control device, air drying and purification device, can be used for air cleaning and drying; carrier gas mass flow meter device can digitally display air flow, the range is 0-10L / min, the accuracy is better than 0.1L / min, dilution gas The mass flow meter device can digitally display the air flow with a range of 0-5L/min and an accuracy better than 0.1L/min.
    4. Automatic control electric three-way ball valve, protection grade IP-65, electrical and mechanical double limit, with overheat protection.
    5. Taiwan Advantech data acquisition module, (does not accept self-made MCU module and board), 1 set of standard test software, can display calibration temperature value and curve, test temperature value and curve, movement speed and curve of each cage.
    6. Optional: Mouse motion recording system, using photoelectric switch to monitor the movement state of the mouse cage, computer software can display the angular velocity of the cage at each moment.


    Product Details
    GB/T 20285:2006
    Control box: 900mm (W) x 1650mm x (H) x 700mm (D)
    Test host: 2100mm (W) x 1650mm x (H) x 700mm (D)

    Installation requirements

    Power requirements: 220 V, 10 Amps
    Ambient temperature: 10 ° C to 35 ° C
    Auxiliary gas: air compressor gas

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