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  • 3 Metre Cube Smoke Density Apparatus

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  • 3 Metre Cube Smoke Density Apparatus for Wire and Cable and Fiber Optic Cable

    Product introduction

    3 Metre Cube Smoke Density Apparatus is used formeasuring the emission when the cable or optical cable is placed horizontally underthedefinite firecondition. The equipment comprises a cubic enclosure and a photometric system.
    The specified standard fire source (ethanol 90±1%, methanol 4±1% and distilled water 6±1%) 1L±0.01L is burned.
    IEC 61034 - 1 & 2 Measurement of Smoke density of cables burning under defined condition
    BS 6853 Code of practice for fire precautions in design and construction of passenger carrying trains​

    Technical  parameters 

    1.Chamber internal size is 3,000mm(W) × 3,000mm(D) × 3,000mm(H).
    2.Its configured with a door with test glass windows and in both faces of the opposite side theres a sealed transparent window (minimum 100mmX100mm) .
    3.Support system to allow separate fitting of Light Source and Photocell in the outer wall.
    4.The Light Source is Dedolight Classic Series Tungsten with 100W.
    5.The Dedolight Tungsten power supply is 12V DC.
    6.Velocity of light : 2000 lm~3000 lm, and color temperature : 2800K~3200K.
    7.The Receptor Photocell is silicone type and has a spectrum reaction conform to Photopic Observer (similar to a human eye) of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).
    8.Supplied with customised extraction facilities and all instrumentation, fans, stands and sample mounting frames.
    9.Software shows testing results including the inner chamber temperature, light transmition etc.

    Product  Feature and Application

    1. Smoke density box test box part:

    a. The internal dimensions of the box is 3000mm X 3000mm X 3000mm, the total internal volume is 27 cubic meters;
    b. The inside of the box is made of SUS 304 stainless steel and the outside is made of iron spray. Due to the burning test process, corrosive gas is continuously released. The inner wall of the box is treated with Teflon dark color, which is not only resistant to corrosive gases. Erosion, while testing, will not cause failure of test results due to reflective;
    c. The test box is equipped with a laboratory door and an observation window, so that the user can observe the state in the combustion chamber;
    d. On the left and right sides of the wall, a transparent glass plate is installed, and the light source and the optical receiving device can be respectively installed on both sides;
    e. Open several ventilation holes near the ground to ensure the balance of atmospheric pressure inside and outside the box.

    2. Smoke density test box measurement and data acquisition part:

    a. Prepare a desktop fan to evenly agitate the smoke in the combustion chamber;
    b. The top of the box is equipped with a centrifugal fan to eliminate the smoke generated by the test;c. Surface ignition device, remote ignition to ensure the safety of test personnel;
    d. In the preparation of combustion test brackets and stainless steel alcohol trays;
    e. The light source is an imported light source, and the test light source is controlled by a constant current source, and has higher stability;
    f. The light source is accepted as a silicon photocell, equipped with a cosine calibration device and a color filter. Through this measure, a higher human eye matching degree can be achieved;
    g. Standard transmittance, using 19 cabinet floor installation, built-in touch screen computer and printer.

    3. Smoke density test box optical technical parameters:

    a. Using a constant current source to control the light source, the data is more stable and reliable than the constant voltage mode;
    b. Can automatically obtain the optical gear position, the general accuracy is 0.01%;
    c. Matching error: f1 ≤ 4%, the overall linear accuracy is 1%.

    Product Details

    27 cubic meters wire and cable smoke density test box, developed according to IEC 61034, BS 6853, GB/T17651.1~2 test standards, mainly used for wire and cable and optical cable smoke density performance testing. During the test, when the smoke is generated, the light path is blocked by the smoke, and the optical transmittance is continuously changed, thereby obtaining the minimum transmittance value and the test time for achieving the minimum transmittance.

    BS:BS 6853
    IEC:IEC 61034-1&2: 2005
    Dimension:3150 mm (W) x 3150 mm (D) x 3150 mm (H)

    Installation requirements

    Electrical: 110V AC 60Hz / 230V AC 50Hz
    Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C​

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