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  • Vertical Drip Tester for IPX1 , X2 Test

    Vertical Drip Tester for IPX1 , X2 Test

    Vertical Drip Tester for IPX1 , X2 Test

    Vertical Drip Tester for IPX1 , X2 Test

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  • Vertical Drip Tester for IPX1 , X2 Test

    Product Introduction

    The main function of this equipment is to test the physical and other related performance of products under the conditions of simulated dripping weather for products such as electrical and electronic products, lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components, automobiles, motorcycles and their components and parts. After the test, through the test to determine whether the performance of the product meet th e requirements in order to facilitate product design, improvement, testing and factory inspection.



    IEC60529: 1989 + A1: 1999 + A2: 2013, ISO20653 Road Vehicles - 
    GB4208-2008 "Enclosure protection level (IP code)" 14.2.1, 14.2.2 clauses and Figure 3; GB7000.1 "Lamps Part I: General Requirements and Test" section 9.2.3 of the requirements;
    VW80000-K10: IPX1, IPX2 

    Technical parameters

    Apply to the product 

     IPX1, IPX2 test

    Drip tank

    1000 × 1000 × 50mm (length × width × height)

    Dripping area



    IPX1 (1 ± 0.5mm / min), IPX2 (3 ± 0.5mm / min), the user set their own drop (error: ± 0.5mm / min)

    Water tank material

    stainless steel

    Drip aperture


    Drip hole spacing

    20 * 20mm

    Drip tank height

    200mm ~ 2000mm (equipment automatic control adjustment)

    Set the range

    0s-999s (can set their own time)

    The test completed automatic 

     discharge water tank water

    Rack materials

    industrial alloy aluminum

    Water tank type

    closed water tank (L800mm * W800mm), SUS304

    The machine installation

    the use of four pillar-type structure bracket fixed on the wall


    950mm * 1000mmn * 2300mm(L*W*H)

    Power Supply

    220V, 1phase


    The main configuration

    Rack aluminum profiles
    Rail SU304 # stainless steel
    Electric hoist AC220V
    Vacuum drip board SU304 # stainless steel made
    Turntable SU304 # stainless steel made
    Drip needle holder brass material
    Drip needle Φ0.4mmSU304 # stainless steel
    PLC controller
    7-inch touch screen color
    Turntable stepper motor
    Leakage switch 20A, 2P
    Low voltage electrical /
    Relay DC24V
    Switching power supply 24V, 50W
    Glass panel flowmeter LZT-15
    Filter 10-inch single-stage water purifier
    Pipe fittings PVC + SU304 # stainless steel
    Needle nozzle needle SU304 # stainless steel

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