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    Drop Tester For Carton Package

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  • Drop Tester For Carton Package


    During the transportation process, packed products unavoidably being dropped or accidentally impacted with hard substance. To prevent further damages in advance, this tester is designed to test and find out the ultimate solution for the package products with a purpose to reduce loss during transportation. Compared with our previous version of single arm design, this twin-arm type is easier and more convenient to use.


    Product Describtion

    It  is designed to test the impact strength and damage of product packaged during transportation and handling process. During dropping, the carrier will rotate to allow the packed products to fall freely. lt can test the faces, edges and corners of the product, with small vibration, and stable and reliable operation.

    Drop test for packaged products in simulating different edges, corners, surface at different heights and fall to the ground situation, then assess the damage to the product and its components. It can withstand the fall height and impact-resistant strength.

    Product thereby can be improved according to the actual situation and the scope of national standards, to tell us to improve the packaging design.

    The machine is widely used to test a variety of products packaged in the handling or transportation to test the caused damage inside the product, and for the prevention of pesticide in advance, can use the machine to be tested is expected to arrive the best solution, so as to minimize transit losses, and to assess the impact of electronic components dropping resistance by the strength in the handling; packaging containers Ling, angle, surface reliability of the equipment.


    Technical Parameters

    Drop Height(mm)


    Max weight for test sample(kg)


    Max dimension for test sample(mm)


    Dimension for impact panel(mm)


    Dimension for hold arm (mm)

    700 X 350

    Horse power

    raise a third P, manual adjustable wide

    Dimension for test machine (mm)


    Net weight(kg)


    Comply to ISO22488-1972(E)standard

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