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  • SL-S08 Flexure Test Fixture

    SL-S08 Flexure Test Fixture

    SL-S08 Flexure Test Fixture

    SL-S08 Flexure Test Fixture

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  • ISO8124-1 Toys Testing Equipment ASTM Flexure Test Fixture


    Product information

    To determine whether metallic wires or materials used for stiffening or retention of form in toys can be easily bent or broken. Potential hazards of sharp points & sharp edges.



    Used to test the toys from the increase in rigidity or fixed shape of the metal wire or other metal materials used in the bending (or abuse) the process, whether due to fracture a risk of a sharp tip or sharp edges protruding. Abuse testing program is a toy. Made of stainless steel material. United States, Europe and China national standard test board size requirements vary. 

    Testing Standards

    16 CFR 1500.48 16 CFR 1500.49


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    ASTM Flexure Test Fixture , Aluminum Alloy Toys Safety Test Equipment

    How do you do a flexure test?

    A flexure test is more affordable than a tensile test and test results are slightly different. The material is laid horizontally over two points of contact (lower support span) and then a force is applied to the top of the material through either one or two points of contact (upper loading span) until the sample fails.

    What is main aim of flexure test?

    The essence of a flexural test is to determine the flexibility of a material by measuring the force required to bend a beam under a specified loading condition.

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