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  • Thermal Radiation Flame Propagation Tester

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  • NF P92-501 Thermal Radiation Flame Propagation Tester with Stainless Steel Test Box


    Product introduction

    The thermal radiation flame propagation tester is developed according to the French building materials and railway vehicle flame retardant test standard NF P92-501. The principle of the test is to perform 30KW/m2 heat radiation on the sample, which may cause the sample to evaporate and flammability. The gas, and the combustion of the volatile gas, while observing the spread state of the flame, collects relevant data for evaluating the flame retardant properties of the material.


    Product parameters

    1. Stainless steel test box, the inner wall is flame-resistant material, equipped with transparent observation window;
    2. Stainless steel tubular air inlet device, equipped with a filtering device to shield indoor pollution sources;
    3. 45 degree test bracket, equipped with a stainless steel indicator ruler to calculate the flame spread distance;
    4. Epiradiator heat radiation device, can provide 30KW / m2 heat radiation flux;
    5. The power controller controls the radiation output and can adjust the radiation flux of the heat radiation device;
    6. The panel displays the operating power value of the heat radiation device, eliminating frequent calibration procedures;
    7. Upper and lower stainless steel burners can ignite volatile flammable gases;
    8. The needle valve can control the flame height of the upper and lower burners, and is equipped with a flame height gauge;
    9. Changming small flame device, which ignites the upper and lower burners conveniently before the test;
    10. A quarter rotating plug device, convenient to cut off the burner and ignite the flame gas;
    11. The temperature of the top and the inlet thermocouple monitors the temperature and displays the temperature difference status in real time;
    12. Standard test software, can automatically count the flame index, combustion index, etc.;
    13. Built-in test report, data can be output and printed, friendly operation interface mode;
    14. The test data are: raw flame index, average flame height index, longest flame index, and combustion index.
    Dimension:1600mm (W) x 1450mm x (H) x 650mm (D)


    Installation requirements

    Power requirements: 220 V, 10 Amps, 10A
    Ambient temperature: 10 ° C to 35 ° C
    Combustion gas: propane

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