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  • SL-M003 Touch Screen Click On Lineation Life Tester

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  • Touch Screen Click On Lineation Life Tester


    It is used for clicking on the touch screen for mobile phones, the life test of lineation , touch screen display, with the number of automatic memory, power-down memory, click on the power pressure control, the crackdown is separate tone, separate counts, the cumulative number of life to reach the set number of automatic shutdown and other functions. Use sophisticated embedded micro-controller and a large screen true color touch screen display, the machine control, reliable, simple, convenient, beautiful, rational and reliable transmission mode, a steering motor, very fast and reliable test.

    Technical parameters

     The test station  four
     X-axis moving distance  90mm,Y-axis moving distance:150mm
     1000-7200mm/min 3,speed  1000-7200mm/min
     Six counters  with a power-down memory
     Test speed  10-250 beats / minute
     Size   460mm*480mm*470mm
     Weigth  35kg
     Power  AC220V
     The motor  torque 1.3Nm,speed up to 120mm/s
     Run tracks graphics  rectangle, equilateral triangle,circle,line,etc

    Main configuration

    1. Single-chip control, touch screen display: 1
    2. Designated poles (50g) 4 roots, self-marking pen
    3. 50 g * 4,100 g * 4pcs
    4. The stepping motor: 3
    5. A straight line Road, rail, ball screw: 2

    Click requirements: 10 to 250 times/ minute, minimum click force:50g-lkg adjustable (weights sold separately), click on the frequency can be independently controlled, can be set to 1 million times, separate counts, with a power-down memory.

    Can you click on a touch screen?

    To click (tap)

    Tap on the touch screen once with a finger. You can select a button, such as OK and Cancel, or an item in a menu by tapping it.

    What is touch testing?

    Touch HW performance testing solutions are used to measure the performance (precision, accuracy, repeatability, etc.) of touch components (controller, sensor, etc.) in any touch enabled smart devices such as HMIs, in-vehicle infotainment systems, automotive interiors, tablets, etc.

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