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  • SL-M002 Life Tester of Clamshell Phone

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  • Life Tester of Clamshell Phone 

    1. Clamshell phone tester is special equipment for fatigue testing of clamshell phone.
    2. The structural design is reasonable, unique, smart, space is limited for space or in the temperature inside the test environment. For different mobile phone models have full applicability.
    3. The use of sensors to directly detect the phone is open counting.

    4. Stable operation, low noise, maintenance-free.



    UL 1642, UL 2054; QC-T744-2006; QC-T743-2006; SJ-11169-1998; YD-1268-2003; SJ / T 11170-1998;  etc.testing standards . 

    Technical parameters

    Test product number: four

     The controlle  text control 
     Count  LCD, 0 to 999999 (6) can be set up, power-down memory 
     The test speed  10 ~ 70 times / minute, manually adjustable 
     The motor speed  0-200 rev / min 
     Set up  30-140 ° angle 
     The thickness of the test phone  10 ~ 60mm 
     Action  Automatic 
     Power Supply   AC220V ± 10% 50/60HZ 
     Overall dimensions  about 500 * 340 * 310mm 
     Weight  about 15Kg 

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