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  • Life Testing Machine of Slide Phone


    The machine can simulate the manpower to open and close the action as the phone slide, to push the slide back and forth for a long time to do before and after exercise to test the phone slide spring, slide the flexible circuit board, after sliding through N times, slide spring, slide the flexible circuit board quality is reliable.

    1.Testing machine of slider phone is the special equipment for fatigue testing of slide phone.
    2. Structure design, unique, different models of mobile phones have full applicability.
    3.The use of sensors to directly detect the slide count.

    4.Stable operation, low noise, maintenance-free.  


    UL 1642, UL 2054; QC-T744-2006; QC-T743-2006;  SJ-11169-1998; YD-1268-2003; SJ / T 11170-1998; etc. testing standards.

    Technical parameters
    Pneumatic drive
    Slide travel 25-50mm (knob adjustment, very easy)
    220VAC 50HZ Voltage 220VAC 50HZ
    3 Testing of samples 3
    6 digit LED display
    Speed of 10-60 beats / minute
    Alarm light
    Alarm to the alarm and count down
    A adjust the speed potentiometer
    B manual adjustment slide travel, the operation very convenient.
    C the counter: 6-digit LED display, 1 -999 999 arbitrarily set, and a power-down memory

    Anti-static fixture.

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