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  • SL-7609 Series Tracking Test Chamber

    SL-7609 Series Tracking Test Chamber

    SL-7609 Series Tracking Test Chamber

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  • SL-7609 Series Tracking Test Chamber



    This machine applies to determine the tracking index for electrics of various products, such as lighting, electronics, electric tools and instruments. It is also used for insulators, plastics, electric connectors and so on.

    According with IEC60112-2003, UL746, ASTMD3638-92, DIN53480, GB4706.1 and GB4207 standards.


    In moisture and impurity circumstance, leakage current of insulation will be produced between live parts of different polarity, or between live parts and grounding metals. The electric arc produced will result in short-circuit. This tester is to simulate these conditions, and to determine the tracking index of materials.

    Technical parameters
    Electrode Material Electrode of platinum, electrode holder is brass
    Electrode Pressure 1.00N±0.1N
    Electrode space 4.0±0.01mm, angle 60°±5°
    Electrode size (2.0 ± 0.1mm)×(5.0 ± 0.1mm)×(40.0 ± 5mm), platinum electrode 12mm, 30°±2° incline
    Liquid resistance Liquid A: 0.1%NH4Cl,3.95±0.05Ωm; Liquid B: 1.98±0.05Ωm
    Dripping volume 20drippings is 0.380~0.480g; 50drippings is 0.997~1.147g (inching adjustable)
    Dripping Height 35.0 ± 5mm, can be adjust
    Dripping Time 30 ± 0.1s, digital timer, 0.0-99.99s for setting, 50 drippings time is 24.5min±2min
    Dripping count 1~999999, digital display and presetting
    Testing voltage 100V~550V(pre-settable)
    Voltage drop 8% when the current is 1.0A±0.1A
    Tracking 0.50A±10%, delay time exceed 2.00s±10%
    Dimension W1100 * D600 * H1220mm, hole of exhaust Ø90mm
    Power supply 220V/AC , 50-60Hz


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