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  • Wire And Cable Fire Resistance Tester

    Wire And Cable Fire Resistance Tester

    Wire And Cable Fire Resistance Tester

    Wire And Cable Fire Resistance Tester

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  • Wire and Cable Fire Resistance Tester for Detecting the Fire Resistance of Wiring or Power Grid Cables

    Product introduction

    This test apparatus to be used for testing cables required to maintain circuit integrity when subject to fire alone or fire with shock where the test condition is based upon flame with a controlled heat output corresponding to a temperature of at least 750˚C or fire with shock at a temperature of at least 830 °C.


    Technical parameters

    1.Heat Source : AGF Ribbon Type Propane Gas Burner
    2.Structured with 3 rows of cross holes, Average front width of burner: 15mm, Hole diameter: 1.32mm, Distance between the center: 3.2mm.
    3.A polished hole row in pilot hole for flame preservation in both faces of Burner plate.
    4.Two thermocouples are horizontally installed separated 45mm left and right of burner center-line to check temperature.
    5.Mass flow controllers to regulate the gas and air flow, the accuracy is not less than 1.5%.
    6.Software can show the burner calibration temperature, propane and air flow rate etc.
    7.The current is provided by a three-phase star transformer with sufficient capacity to maintain the required test voltage when circuit integrity cannot be maintained.
    8.Conductor connection indicator (LED indicator) to form a current.
    9.The voltage value is automatically set by software and adjusted by a panel controller.
    10.Digital display of the current and voltage data, accuracy of current is 0.001A.
    11.Current protection using fuse with 2A.
    12.The real-time measurement data of all current and voltage are collected by computer, and the curves of current and voltage are generated.
    13.When circuit integrity cannot be maintained, the corresponding indicator lamp is extinguished, the computer automatically determines the state and records the time, and sends out the sound and light alarm.


    Product Features and Application

    1. The sample support device shall be such that the sheath or the protected end of the cable or cable sample is supported horizontally. One end of the sample is clamped by a fixed clamp to prevent movement, and the other end supports the sample, cable or The middle part of the cable is supported by two metal rings 300 mm apart. The metal ring and other metal parts of the supporting device are well grounded. The inner diameter of the metal ring is about 150 mm, and the round bar with a diameter of 10±2 mm is used.
    2. The ignition source is American AGF propane ribbon burner with nozzle length of 500mm and nozzle nominal width of 15mm. The nozzle has three rows of staggered nominal diameters of 1.32mm and a center distance of 3.2mm. There is one on each side of the nozzle. The small holes serve as guide holes to maintain flame combustion, and the dimensional tolerance is ±5%;
    3. The imported mass flow controller regulates the gas and air flow, and the reading accuracy is not less than 1.5%;
    4. Imported pressure reducing valve can provide an outlet pressure of 0.1Mpa±3pa;
    5. Imported pressure gauge, can provide 0-200kpa pressure range;
    6. Imported Omega thermocouple with a diameter of 1.5mm for burner temperature calibration;
    7. Can set the burning test time, and automatically cut off the gas;
    8. Standard test software, can display burner calibration temperature, propane flow, air flow;
    9. The test is applicable to cables with rated voltage of 0.6/1.0 KV and below;
    10. During the test, the current used for continuity inspection shall pass through all the conductors of the cable. This current is provided by a three-phase star transformer. The transformer has sufficient capacity to maintain the required test voltage when the leakage current is allowed. At the other end of the sample, each conductor or each set of conductors is connected to a pointing device (LED indicator) to form a current through which the data can be obtained in computer software;
    11. The voltage setting can be entered by the computer, automatically set the voltage value. The voltage can also be fine-tuned through the panel buttons;
    12. The test circuit current protection adopts a fuse and conforms to the D II type specified in GB 13539.5. Fuse standard 2A. Easy to replace. And use imported miniature circuit breakers to protect each test circuit;
    13. The current and voltage data of the test cable are all passed through the secondary instrument, digitally displayed, the test current accuracy is 0.001A, and the actual current is 0.25A is the best test current;
    14. Real-time measurement data of all currents and voltages are collected by computer and generate current and voltage curves, showing the current and voltage curves of each cable under fire conditions, and determining the fire resistance performance. Further analysis of the cable as a function of fire time can be made. The final data is stored in a computer database and a standard report is generated for easy access;
    15. Calibration of the flame temperature before the test, the imported armored thermocouple is calibrated, the calibration temperature is collected by the computer for at least 10 minutes, and the fire mode is selected in the computer. According to the fire supply mode, the computer performs steady-state sampling and difference calculation according to the collected temperature, and gives a verification report. Save the report and store it in the database to ensure the reliability and authority of the verification;
    16. During the test, the gas and auxiliary air are both mass flow controllers, and the venturi is mixed, the computer automatically controls the flow valve, and the data is recorded in real time in the database. The computer automatically controls the gas and auxiliary air ratio to make the combustion Fully, producing a stable flame and stabilizing the flame temperature;
    17. When the circuit is normally energized, each circuit adopts the imported indicator light. When the line is incomplete under the flame condition, the corresponding circuit indicator is extinguished. The computer automatically determines the current state and controls the sound and light alarm.

    Application:The wire and cable fire tester is used to test the fire resistance of the cable for wiring or grid, and burns in a flame of not less than 750 ° C and 950 ° C to test the integrity of the cable to maintain the circuit.


    Product Details


    IEC:IEC 60331-11&12:2002,IEC 60331-21~23:1999
    IEC 60331 Test for electric cables under fir conditions Circuit integrity
    IEC 60331 Part 11 Fire alone at a flame temperature of at least 750˚C
    IEC 60331 Part 21 Cables of rated voltage up to and including 0.6/1kV
    IEC 60331 Part 12 Fire with shock at a flame temperature of at least 830˚C
    IEC 60331 Part 31Fire with shock Cables of rated voltage up to and including 0.6/1kV
    Dimension:1750 mm (W) x 680 mm (D) x 1400 mm (H)


    Installation requirements

    Electrical: AC 380V 3-phase, 50/60Hz, 30A
    Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C
    Testing room: 3,000 mm (W) x 3,000 mm (D) x 3,000mm (H)
    Gas: Air and Propane​

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